Known for her vision, sense of color and amazing skill, Miranda Shaffer is one of the most influential and sought out colorists in New York City. Miranda Shaffer began her career at Louis Licari where she mastered the basics of color theory and formulation. In 2010, she helped to open Rossano Ferretti's premiere New York City location. There, she worked alongside other Color Experts such as Kathy Galotti and Kristen Vincelli to sharpen her skills. In 2013, she traveled to London and Paris. There she mastered the special technique of Bayalage which she brought back to the states. Balayage is a special form of highlighting and looks the most natural of all techniques. Miranda is now an active member of Adel Atelier on New York's Upper East Side where she performs this innovative Balayage technique as well as a plethora of other color techniques.